Wi-Fi Enterprise Access Point WEP-12ac

  • High-performance solution based on Broadcom chipset 
  • 802.11 ac (5GWi-Fi) support 
  • PoE+, leased lines 
  • Work in a cluster without a dedicated server (up to 64 devices) 
  • Seamless roaming 
  • Modern means of authentication and encryption 
  • up to 400 user maintenance 

Solution for businesses 

WEP-12ac provides high-speed, secure, affordable and easy-to-use wireless network that combines a variety of features and services needed for corporate clients. WEP-12ac will become a universal solution for setting up a wireless network with a large number of users and high traffic (office, government offices, conference rooms, laboratories, hotels, etc.). 


Due to IEEE 802.11 ac standard support the access point WEP-12ac provides data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s. Six dual-band antennas and large radius coverage (up to 200m) make WEP-12ac a universal access point when organizing a corporate network. 


For the corporate environment there are modern authentication and encryption technologies, which provide protection of personal data and the security of the corporate environment. In an enterprise environment a dynamic key is used individually for each client working at the moment. 

Power supply 

Support for PoE+ allows installation in any location, regardless of the location of power supplies, saves on the cost of power cables, makes installation easy and quick. Power is supplied from the mains via power adapter or a separate power cable when using sequential circuit of connecting devices "point-to-point".